Brighten Your Smile with In-office and At-home Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningOver time, darkly colored foods and drinks can stain teeth and diminish their appearance. Teeth whitening is a fast and cost-effective treatment option to brighten your smile and increase your confidence. At Alpha Dental Center, Dr. Munal S. Salem and his skilled associates proudly offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening to meet the needs of patients in  Southshore,  MetroWest,  South Coast, and  Cape Cod.

We offer Philips Zoom!® and Opalescence® brand whitening products to achieve dramatic results without causing excessive sensitivity. To schedule your teeth whitening appointment, contact our office today.

In-office Whitening

When you arrive for your appointment, we will first evaluate your candidacy and discuss your aesthetic goals to develop a custom treatment plan. Teeth whitening is effective at lightening extrinsic stains, which darken a tooth's enamel. Intrinsic staining, which is often caused by trauma or certain medications, will likely require an alternative treatment, like porcelain veneers

Professional whitening at one of our office locations can brighten your teeth by several shades in about an hour. Before the procedure, we will prepare a whitening gel, adjusting the percentage of hydrogen peroxide based on your unique needs. Next, the dentist or hygienist will coat your teeth with the peroxide whitening gel. Then we will use a special light to activate the whitening ingredients. After about 15 minutes, we will remove the gel and apply a new layer, repeating the process two more times. If necessary, your dentist can provide you with a desensitizing toothpaste or rinse to help alleviate any minor discomfort you may experience.

Take-home Whitening

For patients seeking a more gentle whitening option that can be applied at their convenience, we offer customized whitening trays and bleaching gel for at-home treatment. To whiten at home, patients will simply apply a thin layer of gel along the inside of the trays and wear them for about 30 minutes each day for roughly two weeks. Your custom whitening trays will be matched to your bite, so they will fit comfortably and snugly in place. Within just a few at-home sessions, you will begin to see a brighter, more dazzling smile.

Maintaining Your Brightened Smile

To achieve more comprehensive and long-lasting results, many of our patients choose to undergo in-office teeth whitening and perform touch-ups using a take-home kit. In addition to completing follow-up whitening treatments, several lifestyle changes can help you maintain your brightened smile. Since smoking will greatly diminish the brightness of your smile, we strongly advise our patients to avoid tobacco use. Additionally, patients should minimize their consumption of staining foods and drinks such as tomato sauce, wine, or coffee, which can darken enamel. As an overall defense against stains and discoloration, patients should practice proper oral hygiene routines at home and schedule routine dental exams and cleanings.

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At Alpha Dental Center, we have been providing personalized general, restorative, and cosmetic care to our patients for more than a decade. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, we can find a teeth whitening solution that meets the demands of your schedule and budget. Contact our office today to schedule a personal teeth whitening consultation.

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