Emergency Dental Care: Because Dental Health Does Not Keep Regular Hours

Emergency DentistryWhen the unexpected occurs, Alpha Dental Center offers emergency dental care to Southshore, MetroWest, South Coast, and Cape Cod. Whether you have a severe toothache, a tooth that has been knocked out, a dislodged crown, or another concern, we are ready to provide the compassionate care you need. In most cases, Dr. Munal S. Salem and his skilled associates can see you for same-day or next-day treatment. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you can reach out to us to receive the efficient, effective care you need. Contact us today to learn more.

Here When You Need Us

If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, you can call our after-hours call service. You will be placed in contact with a dentist so you can receive instructions to minimize your discomfort and protect your oral health. We will also schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. Same-day or next-day care is available in most cases.

Compassionate Care

When an emergency occurs, we do everything in our power to make the experience minimally stressful. Our dentists will take the time you need to thoroughly explain your care and answer your questions. We use the latest imaging technology, including panoramic and digital x-rays. These tools will give a detailed view of your maxillofacial structure, allowing your dentist to understand the precise nature of your emergency. Once our dentists have accurately diagnosed your condition, they will recommend the most effective care, developing a treatment plan that fits your individual needs.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

If you or a loved one experience a dental emergency, contact us right away. Until you can be seen in person by a dentist, there are steps you can take to protect your teeth as you wait:

  • Knocked-out Tooth: Try to keep the tooth safe and moist. If possible, place the tooth back in the socket and bite down gently on a piece of gauze until you can get into the office for treatment. If you cannot do this, keep it safe in a small container of whole milk or saline. As you handle the tooth, however, you should be careful to avoid touching the roots.
  • Broken tooth: Gather the broken pieces and keep them in milk or saline. Bite down on gauze to control any bleeding. You can usually control discomfort with ice packs and non-prescription pain medication.
  • Toothache: Floss around the tooth to dislodge any food, rinse your mouth with warm water, and, if needed, take aspirin or another over-the-counter pain medication.
  • Dislodged crown: A dislodged dental crown can cause significant discomfort. Though it is not as urgent as trauma, we understand it can be quite uncomfortable, and we are prepared to help.

We Are Just a Phone Call Away

Emergencies have a way of happening when it is least convenient. We understand that your oral health needs do not follow a 9 to 5 schedule, and we are glad to offer after-hours emergency care. To learn more about how we can help you and your family at any time, please contact us today.

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