Restore Your Tooth’s Health and Function with Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment saves a badly infected or damaged tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. By saving the original tooth, you help preserve jaw bone integrity and avoid the need for more extensive dental work. Root canal therapy at Alpha Dental, serving Southshore, MetroWest, South Coast, and Cape Cod, MA, is a straightforward procedure that is similar to getting a cavity filled. Dr. Munal S. Salem and his skilled associates use gentle, modern techniques to clean, sterilize, and seal your damaged tooth. After your tooth is fitted with a custom dental crown, its functionality and health are restored. Your comfort is very important to us, and we offer various sedation options so you can relax during treatment. To eliminate your tooth pain, contact our friendly staff today.

Candidates for Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes, the soft tissue inside the tooth, called the pulp, becomes damaged or diseased. This can happen for a number of reasons, including a crack in the tooth, a deep cavity, trauma, or repeated dental procedures. For some patients, there are no symptoms associated with the infected pulp.

Other patients may experience pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat and cold, swelling, tooth discoloration, or tenderness in the area. If the inflammation or infection does not receive effective treatment, it can develop into an abscess. Root canal treatment eliminates the infection and restores the tooth's integrity.

Treatment Goals

A dental x-ray can reveal if there is decay in the tooth and show where it is located. The goal of treatment is to remove the damaged pulp from the inside of the tooth and replace it with an alternative substance. The pulp extends down into the tooth roots and into the canals inside the roots.

Root canal therapy has more than a 95% success rate, and with good care, your restored tooth can last a lifetime.

When you come to us for root canal therapy, we will first make sure you are completely comfortable. We will anesthetize the area so that it is completely numb. With modern dental techniques, root canal therapy is nothing to be afraid of. However, we offer oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide sedation for patients who are sensitive to dental treatment.

Procedure Details

During your root canal treatment, we will first create an opening in the top of the tooth to access the pulp chamber. Next, we will remove the diseased pulp and clean and shape the root canals. Medicine may be placed in the pulp chamber to sterilize it. Then the tooth’s chamber and root canals will be filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha, and then it is sealed. You will return to the office for a second appointment to receive a custom dental crown that will be placed on your tooth to strengthen and protect it.

Illustration of root canal therapy.

Treatment Benefits

Root canal therapy has more than a 95% success rate, and with good care, your restored tooth can last a lifetime. In addition, root canal therapy:

  • Can preserve a tooth with advanced decay
  • Restores health and comfort to the tooth
  • Restores the tooth’s natural appearance
  • Allows biting and chewing function to return to normal
  • Avoids more extensive dental work such as dental implants or dental bridges

Relieve Your Tooth Pain

We are proud to offer a friendly and welcoming place for you and your family to receive outstanding dental care. To learn more about root canal therapy, and how it can relieve your tooth pain and improve your quality of life, schedule your appointment today.

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